Celebrities Patting Animals...
I've teamed up with Wild Life Sydney Zoo in Darling Harbour to create a new web-series 'Celebrities Patting Animals'. Think 'Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee' but replace the car with a zoo and the coffee with animals! You can catch all the episodes on my social media or the Celebrities Patting Animals YouTube channel.
Television: Animal Expert...
I was the dingo expert for Comedy Central's Jim Jefferies Show.
How To Train Your Goldish on Studio 10.
Celebrating National Puppy Day on Studio 10. (Get a rescue dog!)
Getting my animal fix, emceeing Better Homes and Gardens.
Television: Comedy...
Not where either of us expected it to go! Reporting "UnAustralian" news for The Darren Sanders Show.
Three men and myself in a condom commercial. Safety first!
Nickelodeon Mother's Day commercial. Apparently I look tired enough to play a mum.
Living the dream. Cast as the "before" for a diet shake commercial.
2ser FM logo
Very excited to be on the amazing 2ser FM, talking about my show "If You Can't Train It, Eat It".
Emma Malik & Dukdik’s story, by Zac Hardaker.