Emma Malik
UK comedian and animal expert Emma Malik is the go-to trainer behind some of the world's rarest, weirdest, and often times deadliest animals. She works with the creatures most wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole and has yet to meet one she couldn't train! In fact, she's so good at what she does that she has been invited to train animals around the world - including designer dogs in Europe, parrots for royalty, exotic animals at the world's largest crocodile farm and sponsored to live in Australia just to train dogs! It is in Australia where she swiftly landed the reputation of training the untrainable.

It was a cheeky dare from a friend to sign up to an open-mic comedy night that set Emma on a new career trajectory and her position as the world's first and only "animal training stand-up comedian". Emma has since been busy travelling the world delivering her unique stand-up, peppered with acting and guest appearances as an animal trainer/comedian on such shows as The Jim Jefferies Show, Studio Ten and Better Homes & Gardens.

On stage Emma uses her unique platform and quick wit, audience interactions and high energy to advocate for rescuing animals, learning about and caring for all creatures great and small. Off stage Emma is tirelessly creating unique methods of training seemingly 'untrainable' animals from dangerous sharks and 400-kilo crocodiles to baby penguins and cuddly koalas, along with training their human carers.

As an entertainer and animal expert, Emma uses her unique platform to bring animals and people together.