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Tour Manager
Justine Ruta
Words cannot describe how much I love this fellow unicorn lover. Justine started out by helping me at a local gig. She quickly got promoted to tour manager when I realised she didn't drink, as the one thing my team was lacking was a sober person.
Kelsey Rubia avatar
Director Of Photograpy / Head Woo-Girl
Kelsey Rubia
This once stalker turned head woo-girl, travels around the country with me recording shows (if she can stay sober enough to capture the footage). Most importantly she is there to keep me company whilst Dukdik is hanging with his groupies.
Website Creator
Rik Lewis
Rik and I went to school together and my love for him has only grown deeper. If you need a website creating, this is your man, look at the beauty he created! He's also ginger, so you know he'll be grateful for the positive attention.
...oh yeah, and me!
Emma Malik avatar
World Renowned Comedian
Emma Malik
I love animals so much that I trained them professionally for over a decade. That is until a drunken dare lead me to try stand-up comedy, a "one off" gig which turned into a career. Since then I've travelled the world delivering my unique stand-up in Australia, South-East Asia and The United States. Originally a British-born unicorn lover, I now call Australia home, and have the passport to prove it (so back off immigration).

I deliver my stand-up with a unique perspective on life and can often be found sharing the stage with my Thai rescue dog DukDik, who often upstages me (the git). I quickly worked my way into regular club work, and have gigged alongside comic super stars. I made my on-screen debut in 2015 as the female lead for a well-known condom brand and went on to appear on Nickelodeon, the Darren Sanders Show, and even managed to land the role of the "before" for a diet shake commercial.

My solo show "If You Can't Train It, Eat It" sold out, and is now touring the country. Some folks have described me as "dirty, yet oh so charming" and apart from my ability to train chickens to successfully cross roads, I'm also known for my quick wit, audience interactions and high energy. I'm also the only animal training comedian in Australia (yay).